Ukrainian Armed Forces, territorial defense destroy enemy column in Mykolaiv region

Ukrainian aviation, military and terrorist defense fighters have destroyed a column of equipment of the Russian invaders near the town of Bashtanka in Mykolaiv region.

Head of Kirovohrad Regional Military Administration Maria Chorna said this on Telegram, Ukrinform reports.

"We spent the whole day watching the movement of the occupiers from Mykolaiv. Now I can share the good news. A column of Russian soldiers reached Bashtanka, where they met fierce resistance. Here it was bombed by our aircraft, and the local defense chased them in the fields," Chorna said.

According to her, the invaders fled towards Novyi Buh, but it did not help them. The Ukrainian Armed Forces fired on and burned the rest of the column - several dozen armored vehicles.

"As of now, the offensive has been stopped. But we are not losing vigilance. The enemy is very insidious," she stressed.