10.05.2017 /

UKRAINE'S TIME TO SHINE Here’s all you need to know about taking a holiday in Kiev, the city hosting this weekend’s Eurovision

Eclectic architecture, cheap food and drink and a fascinating history make the capital a well-kept travel secret.

24.04.2017 /

How Eurovision 2017 volunteers are taught to smile

Keep calm and always smile: Training of Eurovision 2017 volunteers starts

10.04.2017 /

Russian Fake News Poses Threat to EU Business

Competition in free markets centres on issues of product quality, customer service and price. Not in Russia. 

07.04.2017 /

3D Mapping Show, Kyiv art week and other attractions for Eurovision 2017 guests in Kyiv

3D Mapping Show, Kyiv art week and other events of interest are planned for guests of Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

01.04.2017 /

Scandal around Eurovision: Russia should be disqualified first

We should respond rigidly to all attempts to blame Ukraine for "bad attitude" towards disabled Russian singer Samoilova.

16.03.2017 /

PM Groysman received "a very powerful signal" in Turkey

Turkish citrus fruits for Crimea could not meet competition with the Ukrainian aircraft industry.

08.03.2017 /

Information Policy Ministry announces Top 5 Russian lies in UN International Court of Justice

The Information Policy Ministry has announced five main facts of Russian lie at the ICJ in The Hague.

07.03.2017 /

Speech of Ukraine’s representative at the United Nations International Court of Justice in The Hague

Olena Zerkal spoke at a hearing in the ICJ on application of provisional measures in case of Ukraine vs Russia.

24.02.2017 /

Inexpressible pettiness of being: mini-Reichstag for ‘Putinjugend’

Russian military madness is building up. The worst thing is that it is aimed at children and adolescents…

18.02.2017 /

Tickets for Eurovision sold out in 15 minutes. When will we receive the next batch? explains the most important issues that come from Eurovision fans while purchasing tickets.

15.02.2017 /

Debates at European Parliament: Russia is aggressor, not participant in Minsk peace process

MEPs condemned escalation in eastern Ukraine, provoked by Russia, and called for extension of the anti-Russian sanctions.

09.02.2017 /

Polish-Ukrainian relations should not be imprisoned by the past – Foreign Minister of Poland Waszczykowski

Polish-Ukrainian strategic partnership is increasingly being filled with positive content.

25.01.2017 /

Ukraine scores 29 points out of 100 possible in world Corruption Perceptions Index – Transparency International

January 25, Тransparency International has released its annual Corruption Perceptions Index, (CPI). 

14.01.2017 /

Freeland to make Canada’s policy towards Russia more effective – expert

Appointment of Chrystia Freeland as Canada’s foreign minister will make Canada’s policy towards Russia more effective.

02.01.2017 /

Most important achievements of Ukrainian science and technology in 2016

In 2016, Ukrainians succeeded in transplanting an artificial heart, won the NASA competition, and presented new aircrafts.

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