US Defense Secretary: Defensive weapons to have no big impact as long as no one wants to invade Ukraine


US Defense Secretary James Mattis believes that the defensive weapons, which Washington could provide to Kyiv, will not have any big impact as long as no one wants to invade Ukraine.

 “As long as no one wants to invade Ukraine, hopefully [American weapons] won't have any big impact.  They're defensive weapons,” Mattis said during the press gaggle at the US Department of Defense.

According to Mattis, the US military role in Ukraine is not evolving.

“I don't see an evolving U.S. military role in Ukraine.  Right now, as you know, we have some trainers there helping to train their army to NATO standards, and that has a lot to do with making certain it serves the needs of the Ukrainian people.  And so, no, the U.S. military role remains the same,” he said.

It became known in December, that the US Department of State had granted a license to sell sniper rifles to Ukraine. Later, the department also announced its readiness to provide Ukraine with more powerful defensive weapons.