Critical infrastructure object damaged in Russian drone attack on Dnipro

At night, the Russians struck Dnipropetrovsk region with drones. Ukrainian air defense forces destroyed 12 Shahed UAVs.

"It was loud at night. The occupiers hit the region with drones. Our Air Force downed 12 Shahed drones. Many thanks to the Air Command ‘East’ personnel," Head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council Mykola Lukashuk posted on Telegram.

He noted that a critical infrastructure object in Dnipro city had been damaged as a result of the attack.

The invaders also shelled Nikopol district, struck Marhanets with a drone, and hit Chervonohryhorivka community with artillery.

According to Lukashuk, the roof of a private house caught fire, an outbuilding was destroyed, 10 residential buildings, five outbuildings, a gas pipeline, and an electricity transmission line were damaged as a result of the shelling.

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In addition, the enemy also hit Dnipro district.

In other communities of the region, the situation was calm.