Ukraine returns 386 children deported to Russia - Lubinets

A total of 386 Ukrainian children who were taken to Russia have been returned to Ukraine.

Verkhovna Rada Human Rights Commissioner Dmytro Lubinets said this in a comment to an Ukrinform correspondent.

"As many as 386 children have been returned since the creation of a separate coordination headquarters led by Andriy Yermak, which is responsible for the return of Ukrainian children. These are exclusively children who were deported to Russian territory. Separately, we are beginning to collect information that will soon be made public officially, these are the children we are returning from the temporarily occupied territory. We decided to divide these numbers, because it is one thing to return a child from Russian territory after deportation, and another thing is when we return children who were forcibly taken within the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine. We returned the last three children yesterday, and I officially announced this," the ombudsman said.

On September 13, 2023, it was reported that three children had been returned to the territory controlled by Ukraine from Russia and temporarily occupied territories.

On September 8, Lubinets said that Ukraine had managed to return home nine children.

On September 14, six Ukrainian children who were successfully returned from Russia arrived in The Hague, the Netherlands.